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Our Signature Service " Direct From Home " is now available. Mom's and families can send food to their loved ones in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi , Gurgaon and JaipurOur new software allows you to filter products on Category . Cuisine, CCity and Country We have now added the Bengali , Marwadi and Rajasthani community to our list
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Eat Like the Royals: Order Marwadi Delicacies from Jaipur

Eat Like the Royals: Order Marwari Delicacies from Jaipur In India the community we look for is a part where we survive onto and generosity is the main component, better known in food and beverages where we can order food online. According to the great philosopher Kalidasa, “rasayan mave ” meaning India is the place […]

Moden life and its effect on our health

Ravi, 30, is a software engineer by profession and a wildlife photographer by hobby. His  average week comprises of a 45-50 hours’ work schedule. Although he is a fitness enthusiast, his hectic schedule leaves very less time for him to keep his body in shape. Due to the long hours he has to spend in front […]

Importance of Purohit in Bengali Culture

India is a country of beliefs,ceremonies,rituals and festivals and every state has different shades of these customs. In Hinduism, the dominant religion among India’s 1.2 billion people, there are elaborate pujas for virtually every life event . The beliefs and rituals of West Bengal are very unique to the state. Purohits,belonging to the Brahmin upper […]

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